​​​​Healing Your Loss

Healing Your Loss, a Self Help Guidebook for assisting you to heal and move on with your life.

If you are a self study type person this book can help you. If you require someone to assist you please seek professional help. Your local church, social services, or hospital can be a resource. If you want help by phone you may check my other web site for telephone coaching.

Introduction — Overview


Your loss is real and you need to work your way through it. Every person experiences losses in their life. Losses can include death, divorce, injuries and more. It is my hope that this work will assist you in working through your pain and getting you back to enjoying your life.

The key to healing the loss in your life is to thoroughly experience your feelings. Document, in detail, your feelings and your experience. The more detail you can document the better. Include in your description colors, temperatures, sizes, intensity and more. Describe how you felt, where you were, how you were dressed, and you may even clip a photo or draw a picture. Describe how you feel now.

This guide is to assist you in this process and to provide a format for release.

Work through the process from the front to the back of this guide. Revisit any area as many times as it requires for you to find peace.

Set aside a time each day to devote to this process. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day and in less than 30 days you will have faced your feelings. Feel free to work faster if you want, but commit to a minimum of 30 minutes each day.

This guidebook may be all you need to work through your grief. If you do not work through this guide please seek support elsewhere. If you feel you need assistance from a qualified professional please seek help. (See resources in back of guidebook page)

How long is a "correct" grieving period? In addition to not having a practical guidebook; social, family, religious and tradition have in many cases contributed to extending the grieving period. You now have the tools to look inside yourself for experiencing your loss and the opportunity to remember without "having to have pain."

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Working Through a Stress Event Like:

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